This privacy policy applies to all applications and/or services authored by me personally (Isaac Whitfield), and released under my personal name/identity.


In all cases, no user data is stored unless it is both required for the functionality of the application/service in use and provided voluntarily by the user. In the case user data is provided, it is used solely for the purpose of the application/service in use. User data is never sold to external services, or used for malicious intent.

Usage Data

Some applications and/or services may include functionality to monitor usage and user interaction. This means information such as "someone installed the app", and "someone spent 5 minutes using the service". All such usage and interaction data is anonymous and can not be used to identify a user in any way. Examples of such usage monitor is Google Analytics for applications released on the Google Play Store, and iTunes Connect Analytics for applications released on the iOS App Store.

Third Party Services

Below is a list of privacy policies for third party services which may be used in applications and/or services: